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Could your psychiatrist be hurting you? Too often, psychiatrists commit medical malpractice when they fail to properly treat a patient, causing a patient’s condition to worsen or leading to the patient’s death.

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A psychiatrist also commits malpractice when he or she acts inappropriately with a patient by taking advantage of the patient’s fragile emotional state. When a psychiatrist does not properly treat a patient or makes inappropriate advances on the patient, the doctor is negligent. We represent clients in claims that arise because a psychiatrist’s negligence caused the patient’s condition to worsen or resulted in injury or death to the patient or the victim of a patient.

There are many circumstances in which a psychiatrist can improperly treat a patient, including:

  • Misdiagnosing a mental illness
  • Failing to prescribe the correct medications
  • Prescribing the incorrect dose of medication
  • Failing to take adequate precautions to prevent outpatient or inpatient suicide attempts
  • Performing treatment or care that is outside acceptable standards
  • Failing to take reasonable actions when a patient is or may be harmful to himself, herself or to another person
  • Failing to warn when a psychiatrist has a reasonable basis to know that a patient is a threat to another person
  • Making sexual advances or engaging in sexual misconduct with a patient
At PGMBM, Protecting Patients Is Our Primary Goal.

We recognize that psychiatrists are under an obligation to protect their patients. This means making sure their patients and their families and loved ones, as well as innocent victims, do not suffer any injuries that can result in serious harm or death.

The attorneys at PGMBM regularly handle medical malpractice cases arising from psychiatric negligence. We thoroughly investigate every claim so our clients are assured that we will determine who was responsible, and seek compensation for their pain and suffering and other injuries. When you need an attorney who will protect you and handle your psychiatric negligence medical malpractice claim, you should immediately contact the attorneys at PGMBM.

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