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Is your doctor protecting you? To often, doctors commit medical malpractice when they fail to monitor a patient’s condition, resulting in serious injury or death. In many cases, a doctor will fail to properly oversee a patient’s status during surgery or monitor a patient’s recovery after surgery.

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In others, a doctor will examine a patient, and order tests, but fail to follow-up and/or find out the results of the tests. When a doctor fails to monitor a patient’s condition, and it worsens or hastens the patient’s death, the doctor is negligent.

There are many situations in which a doctor will fail to monitor a patient’s condition, including:

  • Failing to monitor a patient during surgery, including proper administration of anesthesia, confirmation that oxygen is getting to the brain, and overall monitoring of the patient’s health
  • Failing to follow-up and review the results of tests the doctor has ordered
  • Failing to monitor a patient’s recovery, including verifying that there is no internal bleeding, blood clots, infections, respiratory or heart problems
  • Failing to review a patient’s medical chart fully, including verifying that the proper medical tests and medicine have been administered to a patient.

Doctors are negligent and commit medical malpractice whey they fail to monitor a patient properly, resulting in the patient suffering additional injury or death. The attorneys at PGMBM regularly represent clients in claims that arise because a doctor’s negligence caused the patient’s condition to worsen or resulted in the patient’s premature death.

At PGMBM – Protecting Consumers Is Our Primary Goal.

We recognize that doctors are under an obligation to protect you. This means monitoring your progress in the office, during surgery, or while you are recovering. We thoroughly investigate every claim so our clients are assured that we will determine who was responsible, and seek compensation for their pain and suffering and other injuries.

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