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Is your doctor really taking care of you? Too often, doctors commit medical malpractice when they do not listen to their patients and fail to diagnose serious medical conditions or diseases that can worsen, resulting in additional injury or death.

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A doctor also commits medical malpractice by failing to diagnose a condition in a timely manner, thus allowing the disease to spread, resulting in unnecessary serious complications or death.

When a doctor does not properly diagnose a medical condition or disease, or delays in doing so, the doctor is negligent. At PGMBM, we represent clients in claims that arise because a doctor’s negligence caused the patient’s condition to worsen or resulted in the patient’s premature death.

There are many circumstances in which a doctor can fail or delay in diagnosing a patient, including:

  • Failing to order tests
  • Delaying in ordering tests
  • Misinterpreting an x-ray or other diagnostic tests
  • Failing to prescribe additional, more specific diagnostic tests, such as CAT Scans or MRIs, particularly when a patient’s symptoms indicate the possibility that the patient has a serious medical condition or disease.

Failing to diagnose cancer is perhaps the most well-known type of failure to diagnose case, but it is not the only one. Other examples include heart disease, Lyme disease, various neurological disorders, and even appendicitis.

At PGMBM – Protecting Consumers Is Our Primary Goal.

We recognize that doctors are under an obligation to listen to their patients. This means hearing what they say, looking into their complaints and prescribing the right treatment. In order to take care of a patient, a doctor should perform a full examination, take a complete medical history, prescribe the right medications, and order the right tests.

The attorneys at PGMBM regularly handle medical malpractice cases. We thoroughly investigate every claim so our clients are assured that we will determine who was responsible, and seek compensation for their pain and suffering and other injuries.

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