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Getting and keeping a good job are crucial not only to a family’s income and standard of living . . . they’re important factors in a person’s self-image and satisfaction with life.

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Receiving fair compensation for all hours worked and not being subjected to discriminatory practices should not just be expectations, they are an employee’s rights under the law. When an employer commits unfair or illegal acts, the consequences can provoke a financial crisis as well as psychological harm.

At PGMBM, we understand not only the devastation wrought by unfair employment practices, we understand the complexities of the many state and federal laws that have been passed in order to protect employees — provisions relating to discrimination, equal pay, minimum wage and overtime requirements, workplace health and safety, as well as many other areas.

Bring your concerns to the employment law attorneys of PGMBM in Conshohocken. We’ll listen carefully to your story and give you seasoned advice based upon our many decades of combined experience.

We have successfully represented individual and classes of employees in litigation against several of the country’s largest and most well-known companies, including University of Phoenix, TD Bank, Bally’s Casino, Illinois Tool Works, Level 3 Communications, Scotts Miracle-Gro, and Rite Aid.

Types of Employment Law Claims

The issues that commonly arise in the employee-employer context are many and varied. You may have found yourself the victim of one of the following:

Very often, employees have a feeling that they’ve been treated unfairly, but they don’t have actual knowledge of what is allowed and what is forbidden under the law. The employment lawyers at PGMBM can clear up that confusion and offer wise counsel about an employee’s most advisable course of action.

In Court or Out of Court

Whether your situation is settled through negotiations with your employer, or whether it is ultimately resolved through trial, PGMBM will stand firm in fighting for your rights.

Some employment-related laws require that the aggrieved employee must file a complaint with an administrative agency — for instance, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) — before being eligible to file a lawsuit in court. We understand the requirements of the different types of employment issues and can help you through the administrative appeals process.

You don’t have to go through it alone.

Similarly, employees often have questions about contracts and agreements they are asked to sign as a condition of their employment or termination — things like non-compete agreements, employment contracts, and severance agreements. The employee advocates at PGMBM will carefully scrutinize the proposed documents to ensure that the employer’s demands are legal, not unreasonably burdensome, and unambiguous.

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There’s nothing simple about employment law. The statutes are numerous and complex. The process of asserting one’s rights can be daunting. But your first step is simple… call and ask to speak to one of our experienced employment law attorneys. Use our toll-free number (1-888-348-6787) or our online inquiry form to get help today.