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“Cramming” is the latest phone scam that is defrauding consumers across the country. If there are charges on your phone bill that you do not recognize, you could be the victim of internet cramming.

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Cramming happens when a company adds a charge to your phone bill for a service or product you never ordered. These charges vary, from a couple dollars to $60 per month, and can easily be overlooked. But even when the phony charges aren’t small, they may sound like fees you actually owe so these charges are sometimes difficult to find.

Innocent consumers surfing the web or making friends on Facebook have been seduced into taking quizzes, participating in polls, ordering berries through advertisements designed specifically to make them victims of internet cramming. You give them your phone number so you can be texted the “fruit of the day” or the “color of the month” and – now you’re being charged $9.99 on your phone bill without you ever knowing it. You see, because you are not actually entering a credit card number, you feel safe in participating – most consumers do not think they can be charged on their phone bill like they would be on a credit card.

Complaints about internet cramming have surged. The Better Business Bureau urges anyone who uses the Internet to be wary of entering any personal information. Companies can and do sell your information to marketers who will target you.

According to the FTC, some companies are claiming to provide fee web design and hosting services and are billing small businesses for services that were never authorized. The bills innocuously appear on the businesses’ phone bills.

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