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Consumers purchase insurance for protection – not only to cover expenses in the face of injury or illness, but often to cover the purchase of prescription medication and routine medical procedures.

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Insurance is necessary to protect us from both anticipated and unanticipated expenses – and we should all have comfort in knowing we are protected in the face of high medical costs or catastrophic injury or damage.  But more often than not, the insurance coverage turns out to be misleading, or coverage is DENIED when it should clearly be covered.  Even if the coverage is for a small amount – and retaining a lawyer to assist just does not seem feasible – it unconscionable for insured to absorb the expense of many of these bad faith denials.  You should hold your insurance company responsible for the full coverage promised to you.

Class actions are highly complicated, and require special skill and expertise in order to obtain the best results possible because defendants fight these cases very hard. At PGMBM, protecting our clients is our primary goal, and we fight harder than the defendants to assure that our clients are treated fairly and are compensated for whatever injuries the defendants’ conduct has caused.

When the rights of a group of people have been violated, they can file a class action lawsuit seeking compensation for their injuries or asking the court to either require the defendant to take certain action or to require the defendant to stop certain activities in which it is involved. The advantage of a class action is that a group of people with similar claims can present their cases at one time, rather than having to file numerous individual lawsuits.

We thoroughly investigate every class action so our clients are assured that we will hold the responsible party accountable for its actions. If you have been a victim of consumer fraud, you should immediately contact the attorneys at PGMBM, where Protecting Consumers Is Our Primary Goal. Just fill out our contact form or call us at (610) 941-4204. Take the first step toward protecting yourself and the ones you love by contacting us immediately.