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PGMBM is a plaintiffs’ law firm, where the focus of our work is to protect those who are injured by the misconduct of others. Protecting People Is Our Primary Goal.

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We represent clients from all over the country, and our mission as we see it is a simple one: to defend the rights of the those who cannot defend themselves against the misdeeds of big business, big pharma, and big healthcare.

We thoroughly investigate every claim so our clients are assured that we will determine who was responsible, and seek compensation for their pain and suffering and other injuries. When you need an attorney who will protect you and handle your legal claim, you should immediately contact the attorneys at PGMBM.

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Prescription Drug Injuries

Few people have gone through life without being helped by antibiotics, vaccines, or pain medications. However, sometimes the pharmaceutical industry has put profits before public safety, rushing to the market drugs which have dangerous or deadly side effects.

If you, or a family member, have taken prescription drugs and suffered any serious side effects, it is important to find legal representation with a history of standing up to pharmaceutical companies. Our Prescription Investigations

Medical Device Failures

Many people have been helped to lead fuller lives by the placement of a medical device – but many have suffered by the failure of such devices to work as promised. Whether through an individual lawsuit or as part of a nationwide class action, monetary damages may be awarded to help patients who were injured by the very medical devices which should have helped them. Our Medical Device Lawsuits

Collective / Class Action Lawsuits

When a large number of people have been similarly harmed by the same product, their claims may be joined together in a class action. Big business does not deserve to make profits from unfair marketing or dangerous products. A consumer class action protects the little guy. Our Class Action Lawsuits   |   Employee Protections / Employment Law

Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice

It’s sad but true – people sometimes suffer physical injury and/or mental trauma because of the negligence or recklessness of other people. PGMBM is a plaintiffs’ law firm, where the focus of our work is to protect those who are injured by the misconduct of others and who may not have the means to pay for a lawyer up front, by the hour. Our Personal Injury Lawsuits   |   Medical Malpractice Cases

Products Liability

Product liability cases are not uncommon and affect thousands of people in the United States each year. They can result in serious injury, illness, and even wrongful death. So, what exactly constitutes a product liability case? Generally, these are instances of injury, illness, or death. Our Products Liability Cases

We fight tirelessly on behalf of people who are harmed. Contact Us Online for a free personal injury case consult. Personal Injury Claims   |   Medical Malpractice Injuries